Construction, foundation, infrastructure projetcs, etc :
- Private sector projects : residential buildings, villas, facilities, etc owned by private people.
- Public sector projects: schools, hospitals, public administrations.
- Turnkey projects: concrete, finishings, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, HVAC,separation, telecommunication

- general maintenance for Villas
- external and internal maintenance
- wall, painting, electrical & plumbing maintenance
- painting and tiling
- annual and monthly contracts with firms, schools, universities, houses, sport clubs, restaurants, etc.
- general renovation for buildings and repairing concrete cracks using the latest materials what extends the building age 15-20 years.

- 3D Architectural design
- execution drawings
- foundation and electromechanical drawings
- taking measurements for geometric schemes.
- internal and external design
- schedule works and progect management
- quantity control

- General Construction Materials
- Medical Facilities Construction materials
- Furniture

Internal decoration
- CNC, laser wood works and carving
- wood decoration
- doors & umbrellas
- parky wood flooring
- wallpaper & wall decoration
- creative plaster ceiling
- partition, flooring

External decoration
- renewal of old decors for buildings or villas giving a modern fashionable view
- stone decoration and facades facing
- installing outside
- bathrooms, rest rooms

Garden Design
- landscaping,
- stone waterfalls and fountains
- garden ponds
- barbeque
- pergolas & pathways
- planting, grass