The Construction of Medical and educational Facilities

Our ambition to diversifie our business and target new markets motivated us to establish a collaboration with the sister company This company is spesialized in offering medical and health services as well as the world especially in the relief zones. Thanks to our experience in the construction business, and medical relief consultancy’s experience in the medcial sector, we look forward to offer the best of our services to



The sister company Medical Relief Consultancy started conducting its business in 2014 as a Private Limited Company (Registration No.: 09283633). It was founded by Dr Basel Alkhder, a surgeon with many years experience as Medical Director and advisor to numerous British and American international NGOs. The firm’s office is registered in Birmingham. Our expertise lies in the development of medical projects in the Middle East, where we have worked with international NGOs, global charities and medical organisations to deliver medical aid and hospital projects. We are now looking to expand our portfolio into North Africa and the Asian subcontinent.
We know that each project requires a tailored approach and that projects must often be completed within tight timelines and budgetary constraints. We offer a unique blend of medical understanding, appropriate methodology and relevant experience, and undertake comprehensive analysis at the proposal stage to ensure that we have the knowledge and skills to deliver an outcome exactly in line with the brief. Our proposals also contain transparent cost estimates with a detailed breakdown by activity. Once work has started we consider it our duty to deliver a final product that fully satisfies all stakeholders.

Professional Services


Offer a professional, responsive and friendly service


Ensure that senior consultants are accessible by phone and email at all times


Care as deeply as you do about the outcome of individual projects


Commit to projects only when we know we have the resource and expertise to deliver


Be motivated to achieve excellence by our belief in the provision of effective healthcare

Our medically trained consultants can help

  • Source equipment and medical supplies
  • Develop new medical facilities
  • Help build logistics systems
  • Prepare budgets and proposals
  • Recruit and train local healthcare or administrative staff
  • Understand the standards of medical care suitable for relief zone

Contact Details

Medical Relief Consultancy, 253 Alcester Road South, Birmingham, West Midlands, B14 6DT